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You can use these signals for platforms like Binance Futures, Bybit, Bitmex. These signals are for the futures market, once the signal is received, it must be executed at time, using the price range that we recommend, the Leverage, and at the same time use the Stop loss and the Take Profits recommended or chosen.

These Trading Strategies and Tools are an excellent help to learn how to operate in this market, With the Strategy you can learn when and where to open or close a trade, have a guide to know when to enter the market, and at the same time use it for any Cryptocurrency in this market. 

The Tools are elements that can be used to help us with Trading, such as Secret or not so common Apps and Platforms of volumes and orders with which we can see the movement of the market so we can know where to operate.

In these private and personal classes 1 to 1 or (person to person), you will receive all our experience, we will show you the way of operating that has helped us for years in this market. We will give you tricks, tips and the necessary help so that you can dominate this market by yourself and have more possibilities to have great profits.

This Class or Tutorial will be through the Zoom App, and we would have two options.

1) 30 Minutes Live. ⏰

* We talk about trading strategy, indicator settings on platforms like Tradingview, market analysis and more.

2) 1 HOUR Live. ⏰

*We will have !!


For Trading Strategies, Technical Analysis, Signal Management and Operations, Indicator Settings and More.


Management Of Platforms For Trading In Different Recommended Sites, Tips, Gifts And Extra Material.

We use the Bot integration Cornix in a private group of telegram signals. With this Bot you will have the possibility to operate in the market automatically, so, you will not have to operate manually, open and close operations by yourself if the Bot does it for you. This Bot operates on your account, like Binance Futures, Bybit or Bitmex, through an Api key. The Bot has a configuration to operate automatically, we give it inputs and the Bot executes them. In this way you can have freedom since the Bot will work for you and you only have to look at your profits and operations that it is doing for you every day.

* For the Bot for functionality you have to choose one of our signal plans for example 1 month, 6 months or lifetime (for life).

* You will have a 14-day free trial with the Cornix Bot, then you must choose a subscription ranging from 1 month to 12 months, so that this Bot can work with our group of Signals and work with the integration. 

* Important notice:

This Bot works with independent signal groups that are not owned by this Bot. Therefore, for this Bot to function and work in an exchange account, for example, it must have alerts or signals which the Bot can operate and at the same time a subscription so that this Bot can perform its function. So you have to pay for a group of signals and pay for a subscription for this Bot to work. Therefore, We offer a Signal Service with the Integration of this Bot, so that it operates in the accounts of each person which is not our property, we only depend on this Bot to offer this facility and service.

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