3. Tutoring and 1 on 1 classes/coaching


1 by 1 Trading and investment classes/courses.


In these private and personal classes 1 to 1 or (person to person), you will receive all our experience, we will show you the way of operating that has helped us for years in this market. We will give you tricks, tips and the necessary help so that you can dominate this market by yourself and have more possibilities to have great profits.

This Class or Tutorial will be through the Zoom App, and we would have two options.

1) 30 Minutes Live.
* We talk about trading strategy, indicator settings on platforms like Tradingview, market analysis and more.

2) 1 HOUR Live.
*We will have !!

For Trading Strategies, Technical Analysis, Signal Management and Operations, Indicator Settings and More.
Management Of Platforms For Trading In Different Recommended Sites, Tips, Gifts And Extra Material.


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