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Choose the Plan you prefer according to what you need, or are you looking for each of these Plans has exclusive and private access to our VIP group.

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Signals compatible with different exchanges

Advantages of using our trading signals

Real-time signals

We analyze and send signals daily in real and precise time, taking advantage of good movements in the market.

Opportunity search

We look for opportunities in the market, taking advantage of fundamental and technical analysis, in order to have great profits and opportunities in each operation.

Buy and Sell Trades

Entries in different directions of the market, either up or down. We have the possibility of winning in pumps or landfills in the market, no matter the market conditions.

Configuration ready for you

We choose accurate entries, which you can receive directly on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Messages and notices everyday

We give advice and advice every day for operations, entries, stops. So that you can have a greater advantage in your operations, you can also learn the way we operate.

Fast Results and Earnings

Fast earnings every day with fast moving entries, in order to have good results in a shorter period of time.


You can use these signals for platforms like Binance Futures, Bybit, Bitmex. These signals are for the futures market, once the signal is received, it must be executed at time, using the price range that we recommend, the Leverage, and at the same time use the Stop loss and the Take Profits recommended or chosen.

We try to send a minimum of 2 signals per day and a maximum of 5, Monday to Saturday.

We use 5x to 100x Maximum in Signals, But we recommend a leverage of 10x to 25x maximum for people who do not have so much experience with Trading and leverage trading or do not want to risk much of their Capital before having full confidence in their operations.

We can make around 200% to 500% minimum per week depending on market and the Leverage we use. 

There is a big difference in each of these plans for example:

* The Monthly Plan only includes just 2 to 5 signals Monday to Saturday in the private group.

* The 6-month Plan and the "Lifetime" Plan, includes 2 to 5 signals Monday to Saturday, it also includes our Trading Strategy which facilitates you to have much more advantage and opportunity in the Market, in short helps you will learn our trading strategy so you can learn when is the best time to open or close a trade, and how to maximize your profits. 
* The 6-month plan and the lifetime plan also include Trading Tools such as the Apps and Platforms that we show you, which work to predict market movements. All this gives us more chances of winning in a trade or signal that we trade.

* If you have any other questions about Signal Plans. Please contact us!!


I trade on Pionex exchange but thanks to your VIP signals I am earning🤑🤑. My name is Camilo from cuba 🇨🇺
VIP Member
My first trade following your advice, this is really great, you guys are wonderful!
Ice Luxxeee
VIP Member
I got my first win with the first sign after joining the VIP. God bless you, let's go higher. 🥰🥰🥰
VIP Member
First gain of new year, bitcoin price is up 22% thanks bro.
VIP Member
"Wow I won with your long and short signals I am very happy".
Monica Corleone
VIP Member
"Thank you very much, I was thinking of paying only to receive signals for one month, but when I joined the 6 month plan, I didn't expect so much help. A hug."
Alan Gómez
VIP Member
"Thanks guys I just traded today just using the strategy alone 💯 and in just minutes I made 124% in BTC thanks to you. I already won and recovered my plan investment and more 🙏"...
Edwin Castillo
Strategy used
"Saturday's Ethereum signal was amazing, I took profits and got back in for a total of 342% thanks guys".
Alexander Lopez
VIP Member

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